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I hope you like it 😊😁👌 ‪@Lloyder04‬

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Greter dog amo undertale

Mari Lewis

The spear so cute lol

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Thanks! 😁 😊😊😊😊😊 ‪@_x_trash_x_‬

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Like it???????................... I......... LOVE IT

Diana Bleade


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Thanks 😁 ‪@TrashPandaKiwi66‬ ‪@noisyshy‬

Blue Moon Rose
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‪@sunpower_fox‬ thank you

>{A£exa Offical}<
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Omg it is AMAZING. That is like my fave character from Undertale! Greater Dog!!

Solombum undertale and fnaf art police


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me encanta porque es de undertale

Thor son of Odin

Люблю такое) зачет

[DSS] I praise the Lord
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‪@Fakayouataka‬ Np (sorry I was drawing)

Alexander Hamilton (for awhile,still marie)
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‪@Marco_‬ I love all the dogs in under tale but this is fav


Oh, sorry for the typo ‪@A_L_Octo‬ . Thanks for the correction!

[DSS] I praise the Lord
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‪@Fakayouataka‬ *weird

[DSS] I praise the Lord
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Greater dog is love greater dog is life


Wow, the style you use to draw cartoonish characters is fantastic, and the line-art style is very nice. The only thing wierd in the drawing is the low saturation of the overall colours, but by "wierd" I do not mean "bad". Have a great day!

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Please visit my account and draw my oc ‪@Marco_‬

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Can you draw my oce please its ok if you dont want to but yeah

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Thanks! 😊😁 ‪@Vetter‬

Catherine. Vetter
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Very beautiful my ‪@Marco_‬ 💜 💜

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Yes ‪@justsusan‬

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It that lesser dog from undertale? ^^

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Ok, let me know when you've downloaded it :) ‪@Lloyder04‬

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Super beautyful

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do you want to download it? ‪@Lloyder04‬

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Np! 😊😊😁👌 ‪@Lloyder04‬

Long Neck Larry
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Oh that's so cool thanks!!!!!!