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This is by >>>>> ‪@BlueBirdOfficial#sketchchan

🎧Maxine [for the time being]🖍
@Artist_Animation -

Switch the hoodie colour and whole jacket switch the white and blaco

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and her friends she reposted it for her friend to feature and she told who made it

@sketcher38ff47e3 -

she didn't repost it i searched the. image up it only comes up in her nam

Golden is depresso espresso {again}
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Please don't repost something that doesn't belong to you. If you get permission then you can repost it, but its true

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I love I love your drawing + joke music

Vault boy is hot 😳
@TeaLemon -

Besides, sketch Chan isn't their oc :v

Vault boy is hot 😳
@TeaLemon -

@remembersret2‬ I'm not so sure they do have permission. They're posting stuff on their account that is not there's an she likely has no permission to post them

remember what you did?
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@TeaLemon‬ May not be allowed to post, but they provide have permission. Don't worry about it.

♥ вaвy ♥
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If you love aesthetics check out my account~ <3

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Lol there's a chan for everything

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Hallelujah someone gave a credit- IM PROUD OF YA >w<

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Don't you dare credit this

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Привет, если не сложно подпишись на меня пж, зарание спасибо

Vault boy is hot 😳
@TeaLemon -

Even if you credited the person who made this, you shouldn't post other people's art :/

I m G a y
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First we have earth chan, Bleach Chan, Tide Pod Chan, an then T H I S