@DarthVadis -

Without a doubt it has to be Ellie and Joel from "The last of us". The game with a capturing story that made you wonder several month after the end😌 With other words... THE BEST GAME EVER😆 #gamechallenge #thelastofus

@DarthVadis -

Just a picture of Ellies face so I could try and get the features rigth ‪@Zay_Zay‬ 😁

Nodia (Co-Leader of the Bota)
@Zay_Zay -

You're welcome,I'm curious what do you use for reference

@DarthVadis -

Thank you all OMG! ‪@Zay_Zay‬ ‪@Rusty_‬ ‪@_Mayu_Chan‬ 🤗😭❤❤❤ You make all the time worth it🤗

@Rusty_ -

How are you so talented?? That art is a gift my dude

Mayu 🌷
@_Mayu_Chan -

So amazing!! 💖💙💖💙💖