@outcast_s -

Offer points please! Art as an add on, maybe accepting hq trades.. mAybe. #adoptable #adopt #adoptables #outcastsdesigns really proud of this lol honestly #outcastsx

♡ NuggetGoesMeep ♡ ||Gone||
@Darkened_Starr -

Hecc I can offer 80 points (forgive me I’m broke) along with a reference sheet and three full bodies qwq I love your designs skshk

@PuffinLoveMuffin -

hOw- your designs are always so damn pretty just hOw

@outcast_s -

@lxvesick‬ rip qwq and cool! ‪@cvrsedcxnine‬ ‪@byebyesksk‬ cool, I'll consider!!

@lxvesick -

Also, I recently found Malibu's image and was overjoyed lol

@lxvesick -

Aw shiitt- I have no points.. :")

💙 goodbye sketch, you were the best 💙
@cvrsedcxnine -

eeee i need her,,, (even tHouGh i jUst gOt one of your dEsignS) hmmm any oc or anything from here bc I’m brOke? 😔😫 #kaeocs or here http://aminoapps.com/p/ye26qz , or http://aminoapps.com/p/jdu0ub oof

moved ♡
@byebyesksk -

you said maybe to trade so you can check out #niichanocs ^^