@Snowypaw -

Bam quality art. I like this. He’s cute. He’s my fav dream boyfriend at the moment. Don’t judge me I’m weird you guys should know this already. 😂 #dream #cuteboy #halfbody #digital #digitalart #fluffy #boyfriend #boy

@_Azora_ -

Whoaaaaaa the shading and color are so smooth!

@Snowypaw -

@Yeowch aww thx, I appreciate the compliment :3

@Snowypaw -

@karizmao it’s.... it’s a long story. Technically it kind of is, but at the same time it isn’t because in my dream it was supposed to be him but he acted slightly different and had a slightly different appearance than Rocco Toby, such as a fluffy coat, bandages around his arms, long sharp nails, and the fact that he doesn’t have use an axe. That’s why I don’t really call him ticci Toby.

Saturn Shadow
@Yeowch -

He's a cutie pie you have good taste my friend

@karizmao -

I'm confused, is this Ticci Toby?