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Here's my OC, Neo as a pixelated videogame character ♡ my first time trying out pixel art! #oc #originalcharacter #neo #PixelChallenge #pixelart #pixel #fridayswithsketch #sonysketch #100PercentSketch #BianOCsNeo

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Привет! 🌚✨ у меня есть мечта 666 подписчиков.. Да, конечно это много, но я просто мечтаю о таком количестве 💕 можешь мне помочь? 💦 просто подпишись на меня и пролайкай 😊 мне будет очень приятно, а тебе легко 💫 Hello! 🌚✨ I have a dream 666 subscribers .. Yes, of course it is a lot, but I just dream of so many 💕 can you help me? 💦 just subscribe to me and get rid of it 😊 I will be very pleased, and you will easily 💫

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@Akari_Yume‬ hello, sadly I don't have much time to draw requests as I'm very busy myself. Sorry 🙁m

Akari Yume🎶
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Hello!Can i ask you to draw my OC please !😶

@Melodyix -

i juat pass by.. u see nothing ..

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@Sansor‬ lol I can see why :'D thank you tho!♡

Димон (Ро$$ия)
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Хай, ;) подпишись на меня пожалуйста, мне нужен актив, сори за спам ‪@_SuPeR_KX_

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Now I want to to be a roleplay game .-.

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👍✨✨✨ 🎉😊👏😁👏😃🎉 Congratulations!

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Thank you so much! ‪@Eishi‬ and ‪@花タケ‬ 💞💞💞


Congratulations💓🎶✨( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆

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Nice :D , congrats !

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.