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✨Happy 4th of JulyπŸŽ† || Sorry I couldn't draw all my OCs but I drew Rosemillie and Akira! I might draw the rest for a late 4th of July celebration some other time. I hope this will be an official ship! Bye ~πŸ’•

🍡🌼Tea tea xD🌼🍡
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β€ͺ@doodly_woomy‬ not to me. You ruined his design. >:T

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*cough cough* I fixed the hair and β€ͺ@doodly_woomy‬ messed it up again *cough* You made his hair look shaggy >:T

doodly_woomy [CoTToN CanDY CoOkIE ❀o❀]
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β€ͺ@_Tsuki_chan_‬ β€ͺ@Anna_567‬ thanks! β€ͺ@Oh_memories‬ yeah I know I was thinking about darkening the background β€ͺ@Jellytots‬ The 4th of July is celebrated in the U.S and it is a national Holiday. It's to celebrate Independence ✨☺

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What is the forth of July

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It's so so cute! But I think that you could put a dark color other them and lower the opacity. It looks more like they would be in the night! Other all, it's very cute!