@CassidyCupcake12 -

Bored so doing another "Ask my Ocs"! Feel free to ask anything or things you want to know about them :) #QandA

Neli the lover❤❣
@NelihappyLife -

For Chriselle do you have a crush on someone? what couple do you ship?

@lorelei_is_evil -

Hey Ryuu, have you ever baked some sweets for Cassidy?

🌊 Cristii 🌊
@Cristii878 -

Can I get a hug with you two, Cassidy and Chriselle please? *Hugs*

@banana_leekha -

To ryuu: I dare you to be a unicorn

@TheEndIsNear -

To all: Who would care if someone stole one of your friend's food?

♡ JustMe ♡
@JustMe -

All; Whats ur New Years Resolutions

🌸💟 Anime_Masters.17 💟🌸
@Anime_Masters17 -

For chriselle: do you think they will get married in the future (Cassidy and Ryuu) and do you like Edwin^^

🌸💟 Anime_Masters.17 💟🌸
@Anime_Masters17 -

For Edwin: do you think Cassidy and Ryuu r a cute couple

🌸💟 Anime_Masters.17 💟🌸
@Anime_Masters17 -

For Ryuu: did you kiss Cassidy because you have a crush on her or is it because of tradition

🌸💟 Anime_Masters.17 💟🌸
@Anime_Masters17 -

For Cassidy: did you enjoy the kiss ryuu gave you?

♡☆ Zafiya1 ☆♡
@Lenos_1 -

For Ryun: What is your favorite holiday?

Alice Phantomhive
@XyNc_Mew -

Can I be friends with all of you? Plz 0w0

Rat Lord
@Oof_Yeet -

All: dO yOu WaNt A sPrItE cRaNbErRy

Dead kid up in here
@tinykinky -

ryuu: ahem, plsss do tell me who ur crush is.. *sips on tea*

🌌 LunaTori 🌌
@LunaTori -

To All: Do you have any funny or scary stories?

@LuffyxNacho -

Is Cassidy a tsundere??

@_Aura_Sphere_ -

Cassidy, who inspired you to get out and make friends? (Before u meet Ryuu, Edwin, and Chriselle)

@ReverseCardYeet -

For Ryuu and Cassidy: do you two like each other?

You're a liar! -_-
@Nath_picchu343 -

For Cassidy :Wanna be my friend ?

@rena__chan -

For Ryuu: Ryuu you love Cassidy???

Katie ♡
@iikatie -

For Cassidy: wanna b my friend?


For Cassidy: Hello How's your day

𝓼𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀 *:・゚★*:・゚☁
@im_your_bab -

Question for Ryuu: Ryuu are you Jealous of Edwin because he saved Cassidy when she was falling off the stool?

@sorrowful -

For Cassidy: Would you hug Ryuu? uwu hehe

@Betul -

*Chriselle sorry about it

@Betul -

1-What your oc’s think about Nyan cat? 2-How Edwin looks like without his glasses? 3-Cheiselle- Do you like dolls? 4- Which one of you like singing more? 5-Who’s friendship is better? I’ve asked a lot. You can answer any of those you want.

Min Mi
@Ahn_min_mi -

To chriselle: do you have someone you like?

@lorelei_is_evil -

Cassidy, would you rather see your whole entire future, or go back to any point in time, what would you choose and why?

@peachT -

Cassidy will u ever love me?

Crystal Rose Star
@CrystalRoseStar -

Uh what are your favourite colors?

@Aiko_Chan_ -

Eyuu will you marry me

@SmolColaBean -

Cassidy: Do you want/have kids?

@AnimeArtist -

Cassidy do you have a crush on Ryuu

@Cat_UwO -

1.- For all: why are you so cute? 2.- can i have a hug of Cassidy owo?

@artistic_artist -

Ryuu lets say ur stuck somewhere idk who would u be stuck with and why?

@MomoIro -

Do you ship Cassidy and Edwin?????

@diving_in -

Chriselle do you like panda or bear

@Laika_the_neko -

For Chriselle: Do you have a secret senpai???? ❤️🔪

@Mikan_Tsumiki -

Ryuu do you love Cassidy?!? (0w0)

@LittleKatty -

Chriselle, do you ship Ryuu and Cassidy together? UwU

Humi 💛
@__Humi__ -

90% of the comments are trying to persuade Cassidy and Ryuu to kiss and the same with Edwin and Chiriselle .........10% are actual real questions LMAO THIS IS FUNNY TO ME LOL 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I AM PART OF THE 90% TEAM LOL 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤

@Ash81314 -

How did u all meet?

Neku Mew
@NekuLuverMew3 -

Can I have a piece of your hair XD (I was dared to say this)

Jo sungi.
@jo_sungi_ -

Ryuu i love you,you love me :'3?

@AceTeDerp603 -

Who's the shortest and tallest?

@boiiiiiiiiiiii -

Cassidy how are you so cute?!?

Dragon queen
@rosedragon_blue -

What are your own personalities in your own opinion?

@without_name_xd -

What is your favorite OC 7u7?

Keolani Cross
@HeavenlyGamer -

I wanna see a gender bend on everyone

☬ ||🍃ᶠᶤˣᵉ🍃|| ☬
@__Floofy__ -

To Ryuu and Cassidy:"Can Ryuu kiss Cassidy on the cheek òwó"

Bunnilina the Peach
@CarriedAway_by_J -

To Ryuu: Why are you always so uptight? And why is Chiriselle so happy all the time?

@StephArtz -

Does Cassidy like somebody?

@lolfam -

Chiriselle is ‪@CassidyCupcake12‬ your best friend ?

@ShudeKilaz -

Edwin do you have something to Cassidy? ;3

@mich_saladdin -

does Edwin have any initial love interests???¿ 7w7

Amber Moon 🌙
@AM_07 -

Cassidy / Cassandra, how did you meet Chriselle?

@Cubic -

Pooof!! Chriselle is now half Cat for 10 asks!!

@Cubic -

Edwin do u have a crush??

≧∇≦ Cherry ≧∇≦
@_Cherry__ -

♥♥ Edwin, give a hug at Chriselle ♥♥

@catimearts -

It seems as though there is a relationship between ryuu and Cassidy, is there one between Edwin and chriselle?

@_Aura_Sphere_ -

Ryuu, after that kiss you gave to Cassidy, has she acted weirdly around you? (Idk, maybe shy?)

@Starblossom -

If you all had to be trapped in any game where would it be?

Tiger Cat🐈
@fantazycat -

Ryuu and Edwin switch bodyes?

Mandy's art
@wowzaman -

Q : Edwin do you like someone in the groups (my question is to cheesy idk what to do)

@_chris_sawyar_ -

Hi i'm Kris. 1. Chocolate or ... CHOCOLATE? 2. Usually I don’t say it to anyone and I don’t like it at all, but .... * hugged and left hot tea *

@Rileycupcake99 -

Cassidy, Are you fall love with Ryuu?

Claudia M'thini
@CandyCicada -

Who's the oldest, second oldest, second youngest, and youngest?

Jackaboi art
@Jackaboi_art -

-takes out my ak47- WHICH ONE OF YOU LITTLE SH**Z LIKES ANIME?!!?!?!?

🍉🍒🍊Toons 🍊🍒🍉
@Toon_the_offical -

UwU If all of you were a type of flower what type of flower would you be?

@unknow_eyes -

How did you guys too cute >w<

• Akira •
@Akira_Chan -

For Chriselle: What happened in your childhood?

@RainbowcatArt -

Edwin are you smart ??? If yes 198*567= how much?? :>

@ALFA_THE_159 -

Hey cassidy you think ryuu is good and ryuu do you love chocolate

@TGR_Studios -

Ryuu is there anyone you like OwO wink wink Cassidy

@MischiviousMisti -

To all of them follow for follow?😝

Luminous Shadows
@Luminescents -

I guess this is a random question for all of them... where do you see yourself in 10, 15 years?

*:~° Sushi Kitty °~:*
@MoochiTheCat -

Ryuu, what do you like to do besides sleeping?

@Aquafish77 -

If you have a superpower what will it be? (This is for all the ocs)

Still godzilla's pet snail
@callmeashie -

Oh, and cassidy Would you still have a crush on ryuu even if he was a girl? >w<

Ulya❤art 2
@Ulyaya2 -

Chriselle, who is your senpai?(sorry 4 bad engish)

Still godzilla's pet snail
@callmeashie -

Cassidy, if edwin and ryuu are fighting for your love, who would you pick?

@PeachyLelemons -

Everyone here seems to have already given a small glance about their backstory except edwin so, edwin? Are we gonna get a glimpse of yours as well sooner or later?

@Lisamoon -

Cassisy what do you think would happen if you never knew Chriselle, Edwin and Ryuu?

I left dis account lol
@VitS -

For Cassidy: are you still alive after fainting because of Ryuu' kiss? :>

|¤~한 낳~¤|》M¡řøh《
@HanHan97 -

Hi again ‪@CassidyCupcake12‬!! What are you doing while studying?

@Sun_Days -

Edwin u r soo cute like i wish i could adopt u lolll ,anyway do u like alicie my oc

@Sun_Days -

ryuu : i dare u to kiss cassidy ,loll just kidding ,do u like cassidy

Кристина 50%
@mirasakura -

Chriselle what is your the most favourite cake?

@Kyouko -

Ryuu,are you tsundere or kuudere? Do you love Cassidy?

꧁༒aʐʊʀɛ ɮօռɛʐ༒꧂
@Shawshi -

To Ryuu would you rather hug Cassidy or Chriselle? (Oh and hug her—

@Shaele -

Why are they fictional? (•^•) (idfk if my english is good but ok)

@Xx_Cat3lin3_xX -

Have yous ever tried cosplay?

KeRiZaReT Art
@kerizaret_art -

Ryuu, why do you tease Cassidy and Edwin but not Chriselle? Are you afraid of her?