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Here's a sketch I did today in class, had no idea what was going to happen later with this.. 💕 #mystyle #OC #portrait

BumbleGirl... 🙌 Bzzzzzzzzz... 🙏 Go Jesus!! 🙌
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Just going to mention, it is hard getting noticed when you first start and I had to work my way with my art style to the place I'm at now ‪@skleroz‬, as long as she keeps up her work she will get noticed a lot more and lots of people can enjoy her art!! 😊❤ I'm more focused of people enjoying my art rather than how many followers I have 👍💕

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Пожалуйста подпишись на неё → ‪https://sketch.sonymobile.com/profile/c5b62435-37e1-4fc6-9d0c-189b853f0768 она очень старается рисовать картинки и комиксы но её не замечают, тебе не сложно ей приятно, или хотя-бы лайки оценку ей сделай🙏🏻 Please subscribe to her → https://sketch.sonymobile.com/profile/c5b62435-37e1-4fc6-9d0c-189b853f0768 she is trying very hard to draw pictures and comics, but she is not noticed, it’s not difficult for you to like her, or at least like and make her assessment