@DarthVadis -

Already messed upp my "post on monday" plan the first week🤣But here we have the main cast of my comic! That is is "very erly planning stage" so... we will see😅🤗 #Willertown #OC

@mel07 -

Awesome! I'm excited to see how your comic turns out! I'm working on writing a book myself. I'm willing to help If you would need any help🤗❤

@DarthVadis -

Actualy no but but I love that show. What made you think so beacuse it's an intresting theory😁🤔💖 ‪@julie_lemony

@julie_lemony -

Inspired by stranger things or am i wrong?

@DarthVadis -

Thank you! ‪@muffinka‬ It means a lot💖

@muffinka -

I love them!! They're design s are amazing!! 😍😍😍