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for ‪@BeeSupreme‬ hope you like it💓 #DKKumiOC




Hello, can we please AT? And you can be friends

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@Real_EchoLock‬ okie imma rate the rest

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No 3 at the 2th place :D

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Okie..so we will have two at the 1th place and 2 at the 2th place??

@Real_EchoLock -

@BeeSupreme‬ Me will rate dis , 98/100. Its also the same as the other one

☆~Janice Leung~[艾薇拉].HK
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@coral_065‬ 沒關係啦~我明白的~( ´▽` )ノ♡

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@Janice_Leung‬ 大大,對不起!我因為真的太忙了,所以沒辦法畫了T_T對不起~(我賀圖都還沒趕出來啊~

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thaks so much SHE IS SO ADORABLE..and im working on yours :D