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For ‪@JinjinRukassanda‬. I simplified the staff a little bit and half way through it realized I forgot the wings😭(forgive me) but all in all I hope you like it. #light #characterdesigns#chibi#cartoon#fanart#art#ShapeCrafter

@JinjinRukassanda -

This is absolutely AMAZIMG!😍 i'm speechless!😮🤤 💞 THANK YOU SO MUCH!😆 can you please send this on gmail?🙂 the background is so amazing you did a good work😍😍😍

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@Cooffi‬ about a year ago. But I've only recently discovered the power of multiple layers+color hues.😌

@Cooffi -

😎 WOWEE! I CANT DRAW LIKE YE... ToT Btw when did ya start Sketch?