@doodly_woomy -

@human_trash‬ I tried. Oof told you I suck at drawing males...

@Jellytots -

I can't draw males good too but yours looks so good

•~ \/å|êr¡£ ~•
@Lil_Valerie -

Same! I suck at drawing males too... 😅

doodly_woomy [CoTToN CanDY CoOkIE ❤o❤]
@doodly_woomy -

Sure ‪@human_trash‬ ! And sorry for the late reply. I am playing a video game and I am freakin raging since I can't defeat the secret boss xD

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@human_trash -

Honeyy it's amazing!!! I LOVE THIS, I LOVE YOUR ART AA 💛💛 export?? <33