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I drew this in a huge poster, I was thinking of being an author when I get older, writing comics, etc.I think this should be the main character in my books. idk how 2 color her Ill pm u so send u this pic to color her +comic info (only to close friends)

โ™ฅO F F I C A L T R A S Hโ™ฅ
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Screee- I'm not close friend But I can give you a color pallet mabey? owo

doodly_woomy [CoTToN CanDY CoOkIE โคoโค]
@doodly_woomy -

So sorry I was limited on how many letters I used so anyway, I'll only give info about my ideas in my comics. Also, only to close friends I will pm this so they can color her (if they ask) to see how she will officaly look like.