@_NissaN_ -

Question: wich country/continent would you think I'm from if you didn't know where I was from? Also here enjoy this anatomy practice thing #question #QwQ #idk #practice

@King_Face -

hide the pain, Harold. You wont be able to hide this one 🔫

@King_Face -

Somewhere like poland. Idk u draw too good for a tuekish person

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@Sky_sfm_ -

Mhhh I say from Germany? And this picture is noice! Uwu

@epiphany_uwu -

Either Germany, Turkey , Polland or Finland.

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@CandyAndDarkside -

Literally any country with English as a majority language (If I din't know you speak Kebabish-)

@SeTriX -

Maybe German,spanish,english or french