@Astaa -

Chop! Chop! Its chopping time! #Inktober2018 #chop #darkness

Henry Tran
@sketcherbdf27ea1 -

OMG! He is gonna chop the onion!

@Astaa -

Thanks you all for liking this sketch, never thought got featured and sorry if somehow the sketch looks offensive to some.

Allan Souza
@AllanSouza2020 -

Men, it's an Oddish with arms 😱

👑Mahiya UC👑
@Lamiya_Tarannum -

Omg....its my favorite of all featured sketches...💜💜💜

@ihatelife_UKBan -

Wow guys followers him please guys!! He beautiful!

@Luxima -

Congratulations ! 👏👏👏

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 👏 Your sketch has just been featured.