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Offer on my ocs (oc tag:#summertimeocs) place offers on this post #ota #adopt #Adopt #Adoptable #adoptables

That Mexican Kid With A Mic
@Solaruuss -

For Kyoto: 3 customs, 5 headshots, 2 fullbodies, 1 ref sheet. I can add

@summertimevibes -

They are both babbys I'ma keep for now sorry ‪@DorkyDoggo

@Sylwanapl -

@summertimevibes‬ For any cats from here? https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/525afe6e-b6d7-4635-8a32-50044c6df7a3

@DorkyDoggo -

i can pm you the 2 ocs you can choose if you’re interested ;0

@DorkyDoggo -

for Mittz or Rain i’ll do -2 fullbodies -3 headshots -1 oc

@PaxOwO -

1-5 characters in #PaxOwOAdopts and a custom? For https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/3b6c1da5-ff4b-4e6d-8588-ec6ab49819ab