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{Yee another one uwu} Ota/Tta (I'm picky) #ota #tta #offertoadopt #tradetoadopt #adoptable #offer #picky [Taken]

°•{♡Emily Dovehower♡}•°
@Skypelt -

@Skullyt_tea‬ I'll pm you ocs for the headshots and pfp uwu

Sky Wolfie
@Sky_Wolfie -

Hey just wondering if u hv finished the Spider-Man cat?????

Skullyt Judy
@Skullyt_tea -

I offer 3 headshot 2 oc’s and profile picture qwq i like she, because she looks like my friend cat who dies :’(

Tarpittle Dilliosn
@Armidillio -

I offer a full body image with a background of any character along with a #dilliowave style drawing