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#YannAdoptables Looks kinda weird but it was fun creating it to good luck to the other contestants. TvT

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I guess I would name her Ashlynn and Lynn for short and her story could be: She is a mystical bunny girl from wonderland and one day she accidentally misbehaved so her mom sent her to a boarding school on earth. She try’s her best to fit in but her wonderland ways always show through which makes her seem as a crazy person but all she wants to do is fit in and have at least one good friend. :)

🐰|| ❛❛ 🍒;; aѕнιιвerry ❞ ༄
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Ahh that detail in the ears are so pretty qwq 💕✨ Tysm for joining!! 🍒 Good luck! uwuj ❤️🍒🌸💕🍓💮