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@AshiiBerry‬ My entry for #YannAdoptables ! I've never done anything like this before, so good luck to all the contestants :) story in comments (took some time lol). #owo #Bunny #rose #roses #red #pink #uwu

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Ahh this is so Great!!! T^T 🍒🌸❤️❤️🌺🍓🌺💕💮🌸🍒🌸❤️💕🌺🌸🍒🌸❤️💮🍓 Tysm for joining! And good luck 💕🌺🍒🌸❤️🍓💮🌸uwu ~

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Born into a wealthy household, her familys business was to sell many rose bouquets and gain profit. Being born into the family, she was placed in a care that she could hone her skills and help the family business by growing these roses. As she and most other members of her family possess the effect of making plants grow quicker when she was near, it was obvious that she loved her "job" and the ability to stay with the masses of flowers at will. However, her family persuade her to carry on the business (which she would not mind), she wonders if there is more to life than sunshine and roses...