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THESE ADOPTS ARE FOR MY CONTEST read info before commenting #Adoptable #dta #dtacontest #soberDTA

Fuk yu
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Can you pm me any Tiger

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I wanna do this, but do u have a oc u want drawn? Like a certain one? UwU

F'N Long Duck
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All I can tell is the basics of what I see now, Ginger is Female She is more interested in Females than Males but has tried both out before. She is a total softie and quiet gal, but likes talking when it's her turn to speak. Her disavantages are she falls in and out love quickly, and is partly oblivious of the others who do like her for who she is. Likes: Warm and Soft Clothing, Sweetened Warm Teas, Light colors, Cold Weather Dislikes: Sticky Surfaces, Being Dirty, Hot Weather

F'N Long Duck
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Painted Ginger will be my main comfort Sona, her design is simplistic, yet the colors together make the perfect soft baby look uwu💞 Cloudy Tokyo has the most perfect design I've ever gosh darn seen! Their design would make the perfect stress reliever for me, and I would love to make emotes and small gifs for them in the future👌 I wish I can give them full bios but it takes me a while to think of those since I take my characters personal to heart, I look into their world and how they would interact with my other characters and relations to them