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I'll be doing a DTA for this character, all submissions are going to be put in this tag #Wolfydta. August 25 I will be announcing the winner. Good luck! ♡ #dta (you don't have to be a follower)

Lavender's adoptables
@Lavenderfalls -

@OwO_Wolfy‬ oof okayy I'll try to draw soon lol

@d_o_n_tw_o_r_r_y -

What does DTA mean- I sowy I'm dumb ;~;

@OwO_Wolfy -

@SushiBoi‬ yeah, make sure to credit me tho!

🚨 Fuck Mountain 🚨
@SushiBoi -

Is it okay if I use a base *~* I can't draw but your oc is so cute ♡

Braylen story
@wolf_plyz -

Ye ok oh would you like to join my oc watermelon party

@OwO_Wolfy -

@Doxy_Doxpaw16‬ of course! Anyone can just make sure to use the tag!