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[CLOSED]💗So these kids never got a home so ,you may offer : pts ,coins 300+, art [MUST BE DONE IN 2 WEEKS], or other characters! If they dont i will keep them ! 💗 [Taken : 1,2 ]#Adopt #adoptable #adoptables #ota #Adopts #ForeignAdopts #adopt #Adoptable

🍭🥛Anime milk🥛🍭
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TiffanySocks 14 watchers and 2 deivations right?

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‪@spook_biites‬ sure thing send it to --> https://www.deviantart.com/tiffenysocks , and send proof in pm

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Ohhhhh i love to get 1- if i cant get it Its okay i Will offer 4 full body art with full shading 2 half body art with full shading, and maybe a coustom